Online schooling can offer you and your child more freedom than typically offered by traditional brick-and-mortar schools.   Our parents and schools need to work together for the betterment of the students.  Parents play an important role in providing support and building the confidence of their children.  Parents provide the structure a student needs by establishing and managing their students daily routine.  Parents should monitor student attendance and ensures that the student attends all testing examinations.  Parents are encouraged to check periodically for tips or activities they can use to develop their children's  confidence and improve their school experience. Parents can stay involved by daily informal meetings with teachers and virtual meetings.  Parents may also get involved by working with teachers to create opportunities for special projects with other students and parents throughout the year.  

Parent Responsibilities:

  1. Oversee schoolwork on a daily basis
  2. Assist with some lessons
  3. Monitor student comprehension and grades
  4. Refer student to teachers as needed
  5. Communicate regularly with teachers


Parent Commitment:

  1. Commit one to two hours per day to overseeing coursework
  2. Verify that lessons and assignments are completed
  3. Communicate with teachers, referring student to teachers for help when needed
  4. Attend regular teacher conferences

Tips for a Successful Learning Environment:

Create a Dedicated Learning Space
Before the year begins, you will want to plan and prepare to have your student learn at home.  Creating a dedicated learning space is key for encouraging success.  Learn how to design an organized and comfortable workspace for your student to allow them to focus and establish good work habits.  

Create a Family Plan for Success
You should discuss with your student guidelines regarding expectations of the school week.  By creating a plan, you can prepare for challenges and outline your role and your student's role.
Once you receive your student's course schedule, you can begin to think about how you will organize the coursework throughout the week.  To keep your student's coursework on track, develop a scheduling plan together.
Contact your student's Teacher/Advisor during the scheduled student meet time. Stay updated on the successes and the concerns.