The purpose of Victor Valley Virtual Academy is to serve the community in order to meet the needs of students and families that prefer or need an alternative setting for Middle School or High School while meeting the California State Standards and maintaining high expectations for college and career readiness in the 21st century.  Virtual Academy offers students the ability to work in a flexible learning environment.  Virtual Academy is student-centered option,  with opportunities for labs, seminars and online instruction in a quiet, controlled and supportive family structure.  

Student Expectations:

  • Virtual Academy is available to students 24 hours/7 days a week through a flexible schedule that gives students a college-like schedule.  
  • Students will be scheduled into courses required for promotion and graduation and required to complete the graduation requirement of 220 credits.  Students will work with their counselor to select the courses for grade level graduation requirements.
  • Students will complete all district assessments and state testing requirements.
  • Every student will complete a Passion Project annually, which includes community service, research paper, and a formal presentation.  This is a group project determined by the teacher and using the PBL model. 
  • The successful student will remain motivated and confident to keep up with the work.  Students will challenge themselves and set goals that will help them work independently and explore their future options. 

Role of the Virtual Student:

  • You will be assigned to one teacher for your entire time at VVVA. This teacher will serve as your mentor/ guide to help you progress and stay on track for graduation. So you must maintain open and regular communication with your Teacher/Mentor.
  • All students will graduate in four years and will require 220 credits to graduate.
  • At the start of each year you will be scheduled into both first and second semesters (just like the regular school). All courses are A-G UC/CSU compliant.
  • You will work with your teacher to understand the semester course syllabus and assignments at the start of the course, including deadlines and submission dates.
  • You will meet virtually with your teacher each week during the time that has been assigned to you. You will use this time to discuss progress, get questions answered.
  • Check progress grades on AERIES regularly and monitor your grades.
  • Be responsible for completing assignments on time. If there are concerns, you must speak and check in with your teacher/advisor to resolve the situation.
  • You will be responsible for completing a Passion Project every year.  At each grade level, students will be asked to participate in a collaborative project which will include a research paper, community service and a multimedia presentation on a pre-approved topic of the student's choice.